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Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

We all know that we don’t believe everything shown on the internet. But what about our textbook which is being taught to us since childhood?.

Yes friends, even from childhood, things are sometimes proved to be wrong. Whether it’s seeing the Great Wall of China from space or failing in maths at Einstein’s school.


That’s why friends, watch your hearts beat because we are going to tell you about them. What you have been believing for centuries. And in the end, you will not be able to stop laughing after hearing the truth that we have laid in front of you.



So friends, if we ask you who built the pyramid in Egypt, So we know that you will tell that the laborer living in Egypt worked hard and made it, But we break your illusion and let us lick that it is not true, in fact most of the people who built this pyramid were not laborers. Yes, the people of Egypt had given a huge contribution to build this pyramid. Where the people living in Egypt for about 85 years had prepared the pyramid by sweating their blood. In such a situation, those who did not consider lifting so many stones, they made arrangements for food, accommodation and other things for the people working here. In this every people did their level work.


Which he can make his national icon stand.
And his hard work paid off in  and that pyramid is famous all over the world.


2. Michael Jackson

We all know that the likes of Michal achieved a different position in pop music. Where he was a singer as well as a great dancer. In such a situation, his style of doing moon walk became very popular among the people. But sorry friends, you will be surprised to know that this moon walk was not made by Mikal Jackson.

Though he had performed it in 1983 before all such. Actually Michal learned this from Cooley Jackson who performed it in 1917. In such a situation it is difficult to tell who sowed Moon Walk.


3. The Great wall of China

Friends, when you think about the wonders of the world, what do you remember about the Great Wall of China?

But friends, this wall is not so big that it can be seen from space. Yes friends because the truth is that it is not a concern that it can be seen from any place outside such an environment. Even if it is the moon which is closest to us and friends, we are not saying this from our mouth, NASA has also proved this.

Although it is 21196 less long but if we talk about its width then it has left 20 feet from the bottom and only 14 feet from the top. Let us tell you that this rumor started around 1754, so it is a matter of time before we reach the moon and reach satellite in space. This is nothing but a Rumour. Even though millions of people come here to see it, but alas, the wall of China on which they stand is not visible from space.


4.The weapon if the fire is burning

A weapon that spews fire, but it does not fire even with water. Actually, Greek fire was a type of weapon that was made by the ancient Roman Empire, at that time most of the Roman Empire. All the enemies were there and the Roman soldiers used Greek fire only in the repeat of these wars. Indeed, it was such a weapon that was a great advance. With this, the soldiers used to set fire to the enemy’s ships. And one of its specialties was that the fire emanating from it did not burn even with water.


No one in the world knows what material Roman soldiers used to make this and the weapon is called The method of making was only for the people close to the king. The Roman Empire kept this weapon very secret because they did not want it to fall into the hands of their enemies.


With the passage of time, when the Roman Empire collapsed, the weapon also disappeared with them And today the weapon has become a mystery to us here.


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