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Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

A Bible saved the life

A Bible saved the life of an English soldier during World War. Actually this 17 year old soldier had a pocket Bible which he always kept in his pocket. During the war, the opposing soldier shot him, but that bullet hit the Bible kept in his pocket and it stopped, which saved his life. The soldier and his family considered him a gift from God.

And let that bullet remain in the Bible, that Bible is still with that soldier And that bullet is also present in the Bible

Gorilla feel for lady

A 57 year old woman from New Zealand used to go to the zoo occasionally and she laughed everyday in front of a gorilla in the upper.

Zoo operators denied him for such a reason but he did not listen. One day as soon as the woman came near the gorilla, the gorilla came out of  the cage and attacked the woman. Woman badly injured by Gorilla. luck saved his life

3000 year ego pregnancy test

About 300 years ago, when there was no trace of technology, then a unique method was adopted for the pregnancy test. A woman who expected to become pregnant urinated on jujube and wheat grains, and the two were kept separately. If the grain sprouted, the woman was considered pregnant.

 The Whiskey war

There are two such countries in the world where instead of guns, there is a fight with alcohol over disputed areas. Netherlands is a disputed area between Canada and Denmark, both countries claim it. Neither any human being lives on this island nor any country has deployed its army. But yes the army of both the countries keep coming here and that too not for this war but to change the world.

This has been going on for many years between these two countries. It is also called whiskey war.

 The State highway 49

We all feel afraid of ghosts, think for once that the app is displaying a deserted highway and Suddenly a woman wearing a white sari comes in front of you and then suddenly disappears at that time. This is not a film story but it is completely true.

This highway exists only in India. This highway connects West Bengal with Tamil Nadu. In which the road between Chennai to Pondichey is considered scary because of a witch. On a special note, people who have done their work in it, while sharing their experience, have told that suddenly in the night a woman wearing a white sari came in front of their car then it disappears.

The Goblin Valley

united states of America After seeing this park it seems as if we have come to Mars. This place is located in a deserted place in the South East from the city of  Votang. The shape made from the natural process of millions of years l looks quite strange to see And also makes you feel the other world.


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