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Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Friends, there have been many incidents in the history of this world, in which a lot has been created and then there has been a lot. As a result, this is the mysterious world of our pride and the life we ​​live today is the gift of our ancestors. In this world, many people came and left behind such deep secrets which are impossible for even today’s scientist to solve.

Come let’s know some such mysteries of the world which remain a mystery even today.


1.The Whale Born Alley

The cold region of North America continent, located in the western part of Alaska, is quite strange here named Yukato. This is because in many places on this small island, the bone of the fishes or their jaws is lying on the big rib or the ground. This is so and not one or two but it is spread over here in great quantity.

While doing research here, he started his research, then he came to know that the bones here are about 500-600 years old and it also came to the fore that at that time here But the living tribes used to sacrifice the creatures of these subjects in order to obey their deity. But the surprising thing is that at that time how they used to hunt big sea creatures with bricks.


2.The Giants Cosway

Awakening here, full of strange and poor rock, Nathan Island’s Note: Spread over 4.5 km on the West. It is told about this awakening that about 600 million years ago, due to the eruption of the volcano present here, the lava spread in the surrounding area. Because of them these rocks were formed but till date it has not been ascertained that how did the rocks take the hagzagonal shape from that lava.


That too, not only one or two sarees are found in such a shape.


3.The Village of Dolls

Very strange that scary village exists in the country of Japan, here only dolls are visible. You will not find a single person in this village. Wherever the app will go in this village, you will see these dolls. It’s so scary to see anti saree dolls in a deserted village.


4.The Scotra Island

This strange island present in the country of Yemen is home to a rare variety of roots and animals. Geographically this place is cut off from both Africa and Amen. The result of this is that even today such things are found which are not found anywhere in the rest of the world.

This island holds a lot of mysteries inside


5. The Sculpture Park

This scary park is in Finland only the strong hearted are allowed to visit. Because weak hearted people get scared seeing the effigies they present. There are more than 500 statues in this strange park. His eyes are wide open and he is laughing loudly. On visiting this park, you will feel that the idol is looking at you from all sides and is laughing. Because of this, people coming here are often scared.

6. The Athens Massgrave

Friends, if we talk about history, then there are many such incidents in the history of humans, whose evidence has not been found even today. Like this tomb of 80 skeletons was found during excavation in the country of Greece in 1960. After that the government of Greece gave the go ahead the search to that place. After that what the explorers found was very surprising. Actually, the explorers found a huge amount of human skeletons in a large area of ​​800 meters. After that, after carbon dating of those places and skeletons, it was revealed that the skeleton is of 16 century.

But one thing related to this place was here too 80 people were buried together. He was buried by hand. In the biological report, it was found that 4 of them were also children and the others were of 20-24 years of age. Later everyone here thought that these people would be the rebels of King Kaedius of Greece.

They were killed by the king in punishment, but what is the real truth of these skeletons, it is still a mystery.


7. The Lome Baazar

Everyone likes to buy, except in a market where only skeleton bones and scary things are found. Actually this market is located in Africa. In this market everything is available for performing art magic. Here those people also go who are suffering from serious illness and the cure could not be done anywhere else.

That’s why he and Macaulay resort to magic.


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