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64 Fun Facts That’ll Actually Make Your Life Better

  1. Today there are more twins than ever. The reason for this is that the later you decide to give birth, the more likely you are to have twins, and people today form families later than before.fun facts64-fun-facts
  2. There are more living beings inside and inside your body than those on Earth. And not only two or three times, but the number is also simply amazing. Speaking of which, bacteria represent 2 to 9 pounds of your body weight. It is hard to imagine how many of them are in your body.
  3. If you have a child, prepare for a bombing of questions: An average four-year-old asks him something more than 400 times a day. What fun facts
  4. If you want to stay alive then you cannot eat one chili pepper. It was never used in cooking, however: it was formulated as a pain reliever. fun facts
  5. Scientists believe that Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and at the same time take photographs with the other.fun facts
  6. Your outer skin changes completely every month. In general, an average human sheds about 40 pounds of skin throughout his life.
  7. Probably a room at Microsoft headquarters in Washington that has a world record for being the quietest room in the world. Standing inside it, you can hear your heartbeat.
  8. In August 2010, Beijing witnessed the longest traffic jam in history: it lasted ten days and was 62 miles long. fun facts64-fun-facts
  9. The metric system is the most widely accepted measurement system in the world. Only three countries still use imperial units: Liberia, Myanmar, and the U.S.
  10. John D. Rockefeller still holds the record as the richest man in the world: his net worth, adjusted for inflation, is ten times greater than that of Bill Gates.
  11. Not only can Starfish regenerate its lost limbs, but a single organ can regenerate the entire starfish.
  12. Thanks to the Montreal Protocol, signed in 1987, scientists believe that within half a century the ozone layer of the Earth will be fully restored. fun facts
  13. In 2011, Forbes decided to estimate the net worth of Scrooge McDuck. He expected it to be $ 44.1 billion.
  14. If we weigh all the Ants in the world, they will weigh as much as the entire human population of the planet,
  15. Chicken is double that of humans. In 2009, its total number in the world was estimated at 18.6 billion.
  16. Purple is the least popular color when it comes to national flags. There are only two countries in the world that use it: Dominica and Nicaragua.
  17. If you’ve seen snow in your lifetime, consider yourself lucky: two-thirds of the people on the planet can’t say the same about themselves. Because he has not seen snow in his entire life.
  18. The domestic chicken is the closest relative of dinosaurs. Yes, including the powerful T-Rex.What a fun fact
  19. The leaves of the trees turn yellow and red and fall down because they have not enough heat and sunlight to produce a green pigment: chlorophyll. Winter nights and sunny and bright days mean more vibrant colors.
  20. Bart Simpson should now be older than her mother in the show’s first season. If normally aged yellow family.
  21. It was a $ 20 coin made in 1933 that was sold after 70 years for more than $ 7 billion. Also, it was not actually used as a currency. fun facts
  22. Always consider suppressing a sneeze if necessary. Pressure can cause blood vessel rupture in the head or neck, causing injury.
  23. Possibly a city in Honduras where fish rains every year, around the same time of year. Scientists have so far given an explanation for this phenomenon.
  24. Although there are 24 hours in a day, there are more than 24 time zones in the world. Some of them are only 45 or 30 minutes away from their nearest neighbors.
  25. Jeep is actually an abbreviation: Initially, it is called GP. Or a general-purpose vehicle.What a fun fact
  26. The first Americans to name the pilgrims, whose name was Samoset, could speak English before they met.
  27. Sweden is the largest island country in the world. It consists of more than 221,800 islands, of which only one thousand are inhabited. fun facts
  28. A jellyfish melts in the sun because it is 95% water. Talk about cucumbers.
  29. In 2012, twins Amy and Carey were born 87 days apart. They are now in the Guinness World Record for the longest interval between births of twins.
  30. All of the world’s zoos are pandas from China. If you see a giant panda in a zoo, you can be sure that it is just a guest
  31. If you watch all the videos on YouTube, you will have to spend 1,000 years on it. And by the time of the new videos that have come out, almost 1,000 times more.
  32. A rat’s bones are so flexible that they can pierce into the shape of a pen. If you keep one in a cage, make sure the grid is small enough. fun facts
  33. The most popular language in the world is not English and until now. The title is of Mandarin Chinese with over one billion speakers worldwide. What  fun facts
  34. The most permanent hiccup record is of a man named Charles Osborne. This was his condition for 69 consecutive years.
  35. Human fingers are susceptible to an evolutionary advantage. If the tips of your fingers were earth-shaped, you would feel the difference between a one-story house and a car.
  36. China is home to the most bicycles in the world. However, the most bicycle-friendly city is Copenhagen in Denmark.fun facts
  37. The Giraffe’s tongue is so long that the animal can clean its ears from it, which it does from time to time.
  38. The Hummingbird’s heart beats at an average of 1,200 beats per minute. This is 20 beats per second!
  39. Only about 86% of the world’s adult population can read and is considered a success compared to half a century ago.
  40. Lobsters, due to their cold-blooded nature, can return to life after being frozen and re-melted.
  41. Prairie dogs kiss to each other say “hello”.
  42. Facebook may qualify as its country: Today, more than 2 billion people are using it, which is more than the population of the United States, China, and Brazil.fun facts
  43. Africa is a challenge, however: by 2050, it is projected to grow to 2.3 billion people living there.
  44. During the flight on an airplane, our sense of smell and taste is 20 to 50% less than normal. So the food onboard does not taste delicious.
  45. Japan is the oldest hotel in the world. He has been receiving guests since 705 CE.
  46. French was the official language of England for nearly 450 years. In 1066, William the Conqueror, who was of French descent, brought the language into the country.
  47. Some of the same types of graffiti that we have seen today in Pompeii. They return for about 2,000 years.
  48. The full name of Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum was Oscar Zoroaster Faderig Issac Norman Henkel Emmanuel Ambrose Diggs.fun facts
  49. Cows are very social animals, and they also have friends with whom they spend most of their time together. They also get angry when separated.
  50. If you haven’t noticed, the goats have Rectangular pupils. And they are the only animals with such an eye structure.
  51. There is archaeological evidence of an extinct species of penguin that was about 6 feet long. Imagine a penguin that looks straight into your eyes.fun facts
  52. It rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn. This is because methane is converted into carbon, which then hardens to become graphite and, ultimately, diamond.
  53. Heels were originally men’s clothing. In ancient Egypt, butchers used them to escape blood on the floor.
  54. Dogs do not see the world in shades of gray. They can see colors, less than just people.
  55. The person who invented cotton candy was William Morrison. He was a dentist.
  56. Venezuela has a thunderstorm that occurs every year and lasts for about 140–160 nights. It also has a name: Catatumbo.fun facts
  57. Michelangelo could not paint the roof of the Sistine Chapel in such a way that he also wrote a poem about him.
  58. Have you ever felt cold listening to your favorite songs? This is because your brain reacts by releasing dopamine, the pleasure hormone. fun facts
  59. You probably know that tomatoes are technically berries, right? Well, there are also bananas, chilies, and brinjals.
  60. John Cage, an avant-garde musician, wrote the longest musical piece in history. It should be played as slowly as possible, and it is estimated that it will take 639 years to play until the end. fun facts
  61. Black belts in martial arts, such as karate, translate from Japanese as “first steps”. This is because acquiring the black belt is literally the first phase of master art, with so much to come.
  62. Charlie Chaplin once participated in the Charlie Chaplin Contest and lost! The same thing happened to Dolly Parton in 2012, almost a hundred years later. fun facts
  63. Mark Zuckerberg is a red and green colorblind. So he designed Facebook in blue: that’s the color he could see best. fun facts
  64. Horseshoe crabs have a total of 10 eyes, two of which are in their hard shell. Well, what did you expect from a creature called living fossil?

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