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Some Interesting Amazing Facts About Lions


Some Interesting Amazing Facts About Lions For Kids


The word “Lion” is derived from the word “lours”, which means “stripes”. The lion is an inhabitant mainly of Africa and is considered to be one of the most powerful beasts. In early times, the lion is known to have been used as a king’s animal companion, being a kind and gentle animal. However, in recent times, the lion has been portrayed as the strong, brave and powerful creature that it is today.

One of the most amazing facts about lion is that it mates in winter and cubs are born in spring. It is said that the first pride of lions was located in Li Durance/St Martin in the Eastern African Safari. In addition, a few other pride were later found in Burc. In fact, there are presently at least fifteen lion populations in Africa, with two more in India. The biggest of them all is the lion found in Botswana.

Lions are known to preys mostly on animals of prey nature like hyenas, monkeys and pigs. On occasions though, the lion is also known to take down smaller creatures like birds and fish. It usually tries to hunt its prey solo rather than in groups, as this is more efficient in ensuring its own safety. This is because the great predator is a solitary hunter. Lions use their physique and their long claws to aid them in climbing trees and taking down other animals.

As such, when there is a danger of becoming trapped in a prey, the female lion will call her male friends to help her out. Lions play a major role in the Asiatic lion conservation project. In fact, the African lion is considered to be endangered due to poaching. However, the lion population is protected and is expected to gain protection soon.

Because of its large size, the male lion has a bigger man than that of a female lion. The length of the mane is between two to three feet long, while the tail is much longer. Though it looks pretty, the Asiatic lion’s mane is actually one of the fastest hair growth processes.

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In addition to its large size, the Lion has some other important characteristics that have made it stand apart from other carnivores. Unlike most big cats, the Lion has a tail which is well developed and does not have a single black feather within it – this is called ‘wing’. They generally weigh between eleven and fifteen pounds in males and around twenty-five to thirty pounds in females. Their eyes vary in color depending on the color of their coat. Generally they have brown eyes, but in certain parts of their range they may possess black eyes.

One of the most interesting Asiatic lion facts about lions is their behavior. While most Lions actively hunt prey, only a few will take a ride in an airplane! This behavior is related to the fact that Lions spend most of their waking hours on the ground, where they hunt prey such as small ungulates and monkeys. Even though this sounds somewhat boring to children, these are some fun facts about lions for kids which you should definitely learn.

One of the most amazing facts about lions is that they use almost all parts of their body for hunting and defense. The mane, ears, neck, eyes, claws, teeth, and tail are used by a Lion for all of their daily activities. Their tail serves the purpose of balance, while the mane, especially when growing into a full-grown lion, can be used to help protect the head, face, and neck from danger, as well as to attract a mate. Because the Lion’s mane is thick and heavy, it is also an excellent weapon against many of its fellow predators, including the Dog.

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