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Amazing Facts About Sun Bear.

Amazing Facts About Sun Bear.

Start by marking Sun Bear: Amazing Facts About Sun Bears. A simple theme with a few fun facts. You may want to use a bigger picture (a square for example) and fill it in with a color to make it stand out. That’s all there is to it, if you have basic skills in sketching then you’ll be able to add many more details. It’s an original idea and a great example of using a child’s favorite character to create your own photo sticker or art work.

There are some fascinating things about this bear. Like for example, it is one of only two polar bears that roam the earth. It also has the second highest density of sun bears in the world (the other one is in Alaska).

How about its origins?

It was created when an ice-age covered the North Pole. Because of the extreme cold, this caused massive die-off of the polar bear population. This led to a slight increase in their numbers.

What are the other facts about this bear?

Like most bears it has a thick fur, brownish with black stripes. Their ears are tipped by long hair, it also has a short tufted root and a black nose. The tail is webbed and the bear also has two little black eyes (one white and one black).

Where did this animal come from?

It is native to the Southeaster Mountains in England. It lives in thickets of pine and oak and also in fields of Heather and birch. It is also believed to be a subspecies of the white bear, which is native to China.

One of the interesting amazing facts about this animal is its food preferences. It eats berries, nuts and leaf buds. It also likes to munch on bark, but prefers nuts as it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. In fact the bear likes to sit on the bark of a tree and chew its way through the bark, which has many nutritious benefits for the bear.

Does this animal get exercise?

On a daily basis the bear spends at least half an hour on all four limbs, using its front feet for traction and two of its hind legs for balance. It also uses its front feet for climbing. It may look like it is just walking around the lawn, but the bear can climb trees! The fact that it only uses its front two legs for climbing means that it has a very limited range of motion and cannot walk very far.

How big is this animal?

At the time of the last Ice Age the bear was the largest predator on the planet. They hunted large herbivores such as mammoths and pre-historic antelopes. As they disappeared most of the large herbivores went extinct too. Other facts about this animal include: the bear likes to sleep in deep valleys and follow river gorges; they have very poor eyesight and cannot see clearly; they are very gentle animals; and the female bear will give birth to live babies once every twelve months.

Where did this animal come from?

The bear is Amerindian in origin and is the oldest known animal in North America. They lived in the colder regions of the Americas before they were driven farther into the warmer areas by the arrival of people. Another interesting fact about this animal is that the bear has very limited mobility because of its knobby foot, its dense fur, large ears and a short tail.

How many legs does this animal have?

The bear is a successful predator and has only one true leg: the talon. Other facts about the bear include: it has no fur, it is not a great weight eater, it is about twice as heavy as a cat and three to four times as big as a dog. The male bear is twice as large as the female and their body size is about twice as long as a cat’s. The female bear will also carry baby bears if they are threatened or if they are born in the winter.

What do these animals like to eat?

While the bear may look scary with its teeth and claws, it actually loves to eat berries, apples, cherries, grapes, melons, beets, carrots, grasses and weeds. A fact about the bear that is also true is that they have been known to kill mice that attempted to climb into their den. They also enjoy eating rats and birds.

How many eyes does this animal have?

This amazing fact about these animals is actually covered by the question mark. Because eyes are organs, they cannot exist without the presence of other organs. There are about 2 eyes in an average sized bear.

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