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Amazing Facts About the Moon


Amazing Facts About the Moon








Are you looking for amazing facts about the moon? Have you been fascinated with the moon and everything that it has to offer? Curious to know more about it?

I was. But like most of you, I was too young to understand what all the fuss was about when space exploration got underway. I only knew it was going to be a one way trip. There wouldn’t be anything we could do while on the moon. Oh, sure, there were some experiments…

For instance, one experiment tested whether or not catcalls could survive in the zero gravity of space. The catsalms’ fur turned out darker in zero gravity. That confirms catwalks can survive in weightlessness, right? Wrong.

Another amazing fact about the moon is it has water. Not so long ago, our idea of what water actually was pretty much a myth. We believed that it existed only in shallow seas. Now we know it’s deep ocean and contains many living organisms.

Amazing Facts About the Moon

Did you know there’s 60% more land on the moon than on the Earth? It’s simply because it goes around. Since the moon is moving around, it leaves behind trails of land that extends out to thousands of miles. And while NASA doesn’t know how it gets to those vast spaces, they believe it’s due to tides.

An amazing fact about the universe is, it holds billions of stars just like our own. Did you know our galaxy, called “the Milky Way,” holds 60 percent of the known stars in the entire universe? That’s quite a lot.

What’s more incredible about this phenomenon is that none of us knows it exists. And that’s part of what makes it so amazing. We have telescopes that can see these things. But they are too far away for us to actually see them with the naked eye. So we’re never able to see them.

One amazing fact about the moon is, it can make your mood better. That’s because the moon’s gravity pull of the particles that make up the atmosphere of the earth. When you’re up high, you’ll notice the particles are pulling down on you. That’s how it helps make you feel so optimistic and positive. It also helps your body release endorphins, the “happy hormones,” that help make you feel good.

Amazing Facts About the Moon

Did you know the moon also has an impact on global weather? That’s part of the reason why there’s always rain on Earth. Raindrops are created by the solar wind. The solar wind caused by the moon’s gravity pull is releasing oxygen into the atmosphere to refresh it and re-energize it.

A second amazing fact about the moon is it helps heal those who are ill. This is because the moon has a healing effect on the atmosphere around it. It’s said to help clear negative emotions and thoughts from the patient. It’s sort of like a “rejuvenating” effect.

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? Then you should know one amazing fact about the moon. It’s not only the biggest planet in the solar system, but it’s the only one with solid gravitational pulls pulling it into existence. So that means it’s pretty stable too. No other planet in the solar system has this type of pull, which makes it a pretty good place to have a tattoo.

Is there more to the moon than what has been revealed so far? Well, not really. While many of these amazing facts are based on what we already know, there are still many more discoveries to be made. If you’re interested in moon myths or stories, there are plenty out there to read as well. One thing that is for sure though is the moon does play a huge role in our lives.

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