Amazing Facts: That you never Know

Amazing Facts: That you never Know

Amazing facts which amazed you

1. Buoy birds found in the Philippines love life in the light, so fill the nest with grass and hang fireflies
2. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, its area is 0.2 square miles and its population is approximately 770. None of them is their permanent citizen.
3. Sea crabs have a heart in their heads. What amazing facts
4. Due to the gravity of the earth, it is not possible for the mountains to have more than 15,000 meters.
5. Rome is the city of the world whose population crossed the 10 lakh mark for the first time.
6.1992 Cricket World Cup, Zimbabwe made a big turnaround by defeating England. Batting first, Zimbabwe scored only 134 runs and made England’s job easy, but it didn’t happen, the England team stacked for 125 runs.
7. If the Titanic were erected in an upright position with a height of 269 meters, it would be taller than each building of its time.
8. The chimney of Titanic was so large that two of these trains could pass.
9. The cigarette lighter was discovered before the matchbox.
10. Like our fingerprints, the marks of our language are different.
11. There is still 30 percent of people in the world who have never used mobile devices.
12. Every day, 12 newborn children are given to parents on some other day.
13. In Iceland, having a pet dog is illegal.

14. Left-handed people live 9 years longer than average left-handed people.
15. Honey is the only food that is not spoiled for thousands of years. The honey found in the cradle of Emperor Pharaoh in the pyramids of Egypt was equally tasty when the research scientists savored it. He just needed to warm up a little.
16. If you draw a line with an average lead pencil, it will be 35 km long, which can write 50,000 words in English.
17. A sea crab has its heart on its head.
18. Gorillas sleep more than 14 hours in a day.
19. Every year, snakes bite people and bees bite more.
20. Some insects eat themselves if they don’t get food.
21. Some lions live 50 times a day.
22. The tits taste the taste of something with their feet.
23. In 1386 AD, a pig was hanged by people in France for the murder of a child.
24. Human contraceptive pills also work in gorillas.
25. A squirrel is 9 years old.
26. Do you know that the lizard’s heart beats 1000 times in 1 minute?
27. If you put a small amount of liquor or juice on a scorpion, you will go crazy and itch.
28. It is impossible for an average human to lick his elbow.
29. Among those who are reading this, more than 75% of people will try to lick their elbows.
30. If you sneak harder, you can break a rib.

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31. 1000 people die each year from the rays of heaven in the world.
32. Neil Armstrong was the first to put his left foot on the moon, and at that moment his heart was beating at a speed of 156 times per minute.
33. Some people are confused about whether the chicken arrived first or the egg first, then let us tell you that after an investigation, scientists have said that the chicken arrived before the egg. Because proteins are found inside eggs, their cells are found only in chickens.
34. Most people have the misconception that gold, silver, or diamond is the most valuable substance in the world. If not, but if you give the name of the most valuable substance in the world, you will be surprised because you never thought of it. When you hear the value, your senses fly away. The most valuable substance in the world is antimatter. Antimatter is a type of substance produced by antigens such as pagination, protons, and neutrons. They are made by neutrons from protons and quarks. Its price is so high that you can buy 100 small countries around the world that sell 1 gram of competitors. Yes, the cost of 1 gram per month is Rs 31 million Rs 25 billion Rs. According to NASA, competition is the most expensive material on earth. To make a 1-milligram counterpart, you need up to 160 Croats. The best security system in the world exists where it was made. Not only this, but institutions like NASA also have strong security rings to maintain it. No one can compete except special people. Interestingly, the competition can be used as fuel for airplanes going to other planets in space.
35. What is the color of dinosaurs, scientists could not find out till date?
36. The first camera was manufactured in 1894, and people had to sit in front of it for 8 hours to get a picture of that camera.
37. When sugar is applied to the lesion, the pain is reduced immediately …
38. Excessive tension can cause your brain to shut down for a while …
39. 92% of people laugh only when they don’t understand what the person is facing …
40. Duck can sleep half of his mind while the other half is awake …
41. No one can commit suicide holding his breath …
42. According to the study: the smartest people speak more with themselves.
43. Instead of a cup of tea in the morning, a glass of cold water opens your sleep early …
44. People who sleep in nudes wake up very rarely at night or do not wake up at all …
45. Mark Zuckerberg, who created Facebook, has no university degree …
46. ​​Your mind cannot make a single face alone. Any face you see in your dreams you see at some point in your life …
47. If someone is watching you, then you realize yourself, even if you are asleep …
48. The most used password in the world is 123456 …
49. 85% of people think of everything they want to do in their lives before bed …
50. People who are upset spend more money than those who are happy …
51. There are about 40 * 10 21 planets in our universe, but so far only 800 planets have been discovered.
52. Osmium is the heaviest metal in the world, its length and width are 2 feet, and its threshold height is equal to that of an elephant.
53. The rays that fall from the sky fall on the earth 100 times per second.
54. A day on planet Earth is more than a year on Earth.
55. We have all been taught in class that the speed of light is 3 lakh kilometers per second. But this is not the case. The speed of light is 2.99,792 kilometers per second. Which equals 1.86,287 miles per second.
56. -40 ° F is equal to -40 ° C.Amazing facts
57. A piece of ice equivalent to the city of London separated from Antarctica in October 1992.
58. Talcum powder is made of a stone called ‘talcum’.
59. The light reaches the earth in just 0.13 seconds.
60. Even if we go to the speed of light in our nearest galaxy, it will still take us 20 years to get there.
61. The air-only sounds when it moves in the opposite direction to the person in front.
62. The mother can weigh her baby’s weight almost accurately, while the father …
63. Reading and dreaming are actions from different parts of our brain, so we don’t read in dreams …
64. If the size of an ant is equal to that of a man, then it will run twice as fast from a car …
65. You can’t stop thinking …
66. Ants never sleep …
67. The elephant is the only animal that cannot jump …
68 .. The tongue is the strongest muscle in our body …
69. Due to the gravitational force of the earth, it is not possible for the mountains to have more than 15,000 meters.Amazing facts
70. Honey is not spoiled for thousands of years.
70. Oranges grown in warmer temperate regions of the world, such as Vietnam and Thailand, remain green throughout their lives.
71. Some insects eat themselves if they don’t get food …
72. A beat stops for 1 second while sneezing …
73. It is impossible to stay awake for more than 11 consecutive days …
74. There is so much iron in our body that a nail about 1 inch long can be made …
75. Bill Gates earns around Rs 12,000 in 1 second …
76. You will never remember where your dream began …
77. Lightning strikes the earth 100 times per second …
78. The kangaroo cannot move backward…
79. The largest known star is Canis Majoris, its size is so large that it can accommodate 7,000,000,000,000,000 Land.
80. Cosmic silver also called mercury in common language, is the only metal that is in a liquid state. It is so heavy that even iron can float on it.
81. If Saturn is full of water in a giant glass vessel, and Saturn will float on it. This is because the density of the planet Saturn is very low.
82. At the time of making ice from water, only 90% of that water is converted to ice, 10% of the rest is flown. This is the reason why water is stored in our freezing, in which even ice is kept for freezing.
83. Gasoline never freezes, no matter how low the temperature.
84. If a planet is formed by combining all other planets except the planet Jupiter, it will remain smaller than Jupiter.
85. There are only 400 stars in our galaxy, but if we look at the naked eye at night, we see about 6,000 stars, and if we look with telescopes, then we see 50,000 stars.
86. A person can live for a month without eating, but it would be difficult to live even for 7 days without water. According to an investigation, it has been revealed that as soon as the lack of water in our body is 1%, we will begin to feel thirsty immediately, if this deficiency of water in our body becomes 10%, we will die instantly.
87. Neutron stars are the same size as a golf ball, but the mass (weight) is 90 billion kilograms.
88. Olympus is Mons, the highest peak of our Surya Mandal, which is located on Mars. Its height is 26 kilometers, and its base is surrounded by about 600 kilometers.
89. If you try to keep your eyes open while sneaking, your eyeball (Della) may be affected.
90. When applying the headphones for only one hour, the amount of bacteria in our ears increases 700 times.
91. Throughout your life, you eat 70 different types of insects and 10 mites while you sleep.

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These are some amazing facts that are very interesting and surprising, I hope you enjoy my article on “Amazing facts: that you never know”. There may be some facts that you already knew something is definitely new to you which you have never heard. If you also know amazing facts, which I do not cover in this article. comment below so that I added those facts to my article. If you like this article on “Amazing Facts: This You’ll Never Know”. Share on social media.


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