Some interesting facts related to the universe… !!

The universe is born due to a great explosion. About twelve to fourteen billion years ago the entire universe was highly compressed as an atomic unit. At that time, no such thing as time and space existed. About 13.7 billion years ago, this explosion triggered the release of excessive energy and every 10-24 seconds the explosion became twice as large. This energy was so much that due to its effect, the universe continues to spread till today. Due to this explosion, after 3 lakhs years, the whole universe was filled with clouds of hydrogen and helium gas. 3 lakhs 80 thousand years after this explosion, only photons remained in space. These photons gave birth to stars and galaxies, and later planets and our Earth were born. This is the theory of big bang.


Come, learn about such interesting facts related to the universe…

  1. Do you know that scientists who study about the universe are called Astronomical in science.
  2. Astronomy has been considered a very interesting and mysterious branch of science.
    The universe includes all the planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of the space between galaxies, atomic particles, and all matter and all energy.
  3. In astronomy, very distant celestial bodies are studied, which are very difficult to understand.
  4. Pinwheel Galaxy is also called Messier 101. The pinwheel galaxy is located 50 million light years from Earth. This picture is the most detailed picture of this galaxy and it has been taken by Hubble Telescope.                                                                                                                                                        interesting-facts-related-to-the-universe
  5. Many theories related to astronomy are multi-faceted. Such as special and simple relativism.
  6. Countless physical objects exist in the universe. It has billions of stars, solar circles and galaxies, but it is only 25 percent of all things.
  7. The universe is primarily measured in three axes, such as length, width, and depth. The three axes are called the x axis, y axis and z axis in mathematical terms.
  8. If NASA sends a bird to space, it will not be able to fly and will die soon, because there is no force to fly there.
  9. The dark matter is such a substance found in the universe, which is not visible, but the effect of its gravity has definitely been found. Only then it has been given the name of black matter.
  10. If you count 100 stars in 1 minute, then you will count an entire galaxy in 2000 years.
    Some galaxies in the universe are so far away that their light takes millions of years to reach the Earth.
  11. The Big Bang Theory states that the universe has spread to 93 trillion light years in 15 trillion years.
  12. Do you know that stars, stars and satellites all attract each other.
  13. The universe is surrounded by water, clouds, air and sky.
  14. The diameter of the galaxy is about a million light years and it flows from north to south.
  15. Our Milky Way is called Kshiramarga or Mandakini or Milky Way in English, in which the Earth and our solar system are located, our solar system is in this galaxy.
  16. The Large Cloud galaxy Magellanic is the brightest of all galaxies in the universe.

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