Top 10 Amazing Events on Earth

Top 10 Surprising and Amazing Events on Earth

Top 10 Amazing Events on Earth, Nature is very beautiful and amazing. Its colors are unique. Sometimes nature creates such scenes, coincidences, or events that surprise us and make us think whether it is real or a dream.

We are going to show you 10 such selected events and scenes created by nature which are really amazing. But the truth is that these scenes or events are real and are created by nature.

1.Blood fall in Antarctica

In Antarctica, the water that falls in West Lake Bonney from the mouth of Tylor Glacier looks like blood. Due to the excess of iron-oxide in this crested salty water, the color of this water looks like blood. This place is in the Taylor Valley of McMurdo Dry Valley in Victoria Land, East Antarctica.


2 Eucalyptus rainbow trees in Kailua, Hawaii

Eucalyptus deglupta tree is quite tall, which is also commonly called an iridescent eucalyptus tree. It is the only variety of eucalyptus tree that is found only in New Britain, New Guinea, Ceram, Sulawesi, and Mindanao. The unique multi-colored bark is the distinguishing feature of this tree. Parts of the outer bark of this tree keep coming out at different times every year, after which a bright green layer comes out. Gradually, this layer changes to blue, violet, orange, and then red, which makes the whole tree appear in rainbow color.


3.Arizona Wave

The wave of Arizona is also known as “Wave of Origin”. Located in the Paria Valley in the northern part of America. This place is surrounded by sandy rocks. These rocks are also called Sandur-sandstone. This place is a favorite place for photographers and tourists.


4.Shimmering banks of Vadhu, Maldives

The scene of the lighting of thorns on the edges of the sea is seen in the Maldives. The glowing blue waves, biological light, are produced by real sea creatures. From this view, this place looks like heaven on earth. This place seems to be the most romantic place in the world at night.


5.Building pillars of light above Moscow

This scene is formed when the crystals of ice in the sky light up. This light can come from the sun, moon, and anywhere. When the crystals of snowfall on the crystals, then these crystals make different artifacts in the sky.


6.Bolivia’s Reflective Salt Flats

This is a shocking scene. In which the heavens and the earth together make a wonderful scene. Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salted flat place. This place is completely covered with salt, not water. This place acts as a mirror for the sky.


7.Underground natural fountains in Mexico

There are scenes in Mexico that are very difficult to believe. This underground natural spring or fountain is also one of those places. They are also called Cenote. It is a natural pit, formed by falling under limestone.


8.Lightning and thunder in Volcanoes

The volcanic storm is also called “Volcanic Light”. These storms are actually clouds of volcanoes. Which produces very fierce electricity. Scientists believe that this light arises when pieces of stone and its ashes collide in a volcano.


9.Ghost like trees in Pakistan

When there was a flood in Pakistan, millions of spiders climbed these trees and laid nets on these trees to escape the floodwaters. Because the flood water remained for a long time, these spiders spread their nets all over the trees. Now, these trees look like ghosts.


10.Underwater forest in the lake of Candle

This sunken and underwater forest is part of the Candle lake. These forests are spread over 400 meters. This place is 129 km from Almati. This lake is formed by landslides, which were caused by the earthquake in 1911. It is a very beautiful and delightful place.


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